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Agoda Singapore – Your Travelling Bestie

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Since its inception in 2005, Agoda Singapore has emerged as one of the largest travel fare aggregator websites on the Internet today and a favourite amongst Singaporeans. The platform offers a wide range of accommodations and flight packages that one can utilise, be it for a business trip or a vacation. Agoda also has a streamlined and easy-to-navigate website that provides convenience to users who are looking for accommodations and flight packages that best match their budget.

Reasons Behind Agoda Singapore’s Popularity

There are many reasons why Agoda has become the go-to site for users to book their airfare and lodging:

Hassle-Free Searching and Booking Process

Agoda Singapore’s website is built for fast and convenient navigation, enabling you to complete the entire booking process from searching to placing orders within only a few minutes. By keying in relevant details such as location, accommodation date, and budget, you will then be directed to another page that gives you a list of hotels available and their corresponding rates based on the details you had inserted.

Detailed Information Provided

Another reason why Agoda is well-liked by Singaporean travellers is that the site provides comprehensive information regarding the services of the hotels listed on its site. You will be able to know more about the amenities that a hotel offers including number of beds, Wi-Fi connection, facilities available, etc. On top of that, Agoda also enables you to compare different accommodations based on reviews and ratings given by former guests. All this will be important to help you make a better decision on which lodging to choose.

Membership Benefits

Besides that, you also get additional benefits by being a member of Agoda Singapore, in this case being Insider Deals. You can take advantage of the latest Insider Deals that is exclusive to members only. The Insider Deals are special discounts and deals that you can utilize in over 3,000 locations worldwide. Thanks to these Insider Deals, you are eligible for at least 5% discount on room rates, a benefit that cannot be enjoyed by regular users of the site.

Secret Deals

Another reason behind Agoda’s popularity is the Secret Deals feature that the platform offers. This feature enables you to book one of the finest accommodations in your designated destination with up to 40% discount off the original price of the room. Moreover, the Secret Deal only involves accommodation rated 3-stars or better by previous guests and customers, which means that you can be assured of the quality of the rooms. Thanks to these Secret Deals, you will be able to travel luxuriously without burning through your bank account.

Redeeming Agoda Singapore Promo Codes on Today Online

Agoda Singapore is loved for offering competitive hotel and flight rates so that you can travel with peace of mind. On top of that, with Agoda vouchers and promo codes available on Today Online, you can enjoy even more exclusive savings and promos. Here is how you can take advantage of them for your upcoming trip.

  1. Check the Agoda coupons available on this page to find one that is applicable to your purchase.
  2. Some of these promos have codes that you can copy to be used later at Agoda’s website. For those that do not contain a code, that means the promo is automatically applicable and you do not have to manually insert it.
  3. Then, click on the attached link to be redirected to Agoda Singapore’s website.
  4. Upon reaching the homepage of Agoda Singapore, log in to your existing account before continuing. If you do not have one, simply sign up for a new account by filling in the relevant details.
  5. Once you are logged in, enter the destination that you are heading to and select the check-in and check-out date. Agoda will show all the available hotels based on the travel date that you have assigned.
  6. Browse through the options available and select the ones that suit your preferences best. Select the type of room and the number of rooms you want to beat. Then, click Book Now!
  7. You will then be directed to a page to enter booking details. You will also see the total amount you need to pay.
  8. Before placing an order, make sure that you insert the coupon code that you had copied earlier from Today Online in the column provided.
  9. Finally, select your preferred payment method, click Book Now & Pay Later! to complete the transaction.