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FashionValet Singapore – Curated Local Fashion

About FashionValet

Established as early as 2010, FashionValet aims to bring the latest fashion trends to your doorsteps. At the time of its inception, FashionValet was proud to be the first multi-label online site in Malaysia with just 10 brands. Since there was lack of online shopping options at that time, FashionValet was also founded with the purpose of filling this missing gap.

Not just that, FashionValet is unique because it has made the choice to promote local designers and their immense talents. Needless to say, FashionValet becomes the vessel to push Malaysia into expanding its consumer habits. At the same time, it helps talented local designers to reach out to the masses.

The growth of FashionValet has been remarkable especially when it operates in an environment where e-commerce is still at its infancy. As the founders of FashionValet still recognize the potential of e-commerce in this nation, they learn to overcome various challenges. Ultimately, FashionValet emerges as one of the largest fashion sites in Southeast Asia. Currently, FashionValet is the multi-label online store site which boasts over 400 fashion designers and brands from Southeast Asia.

Get Your Much-Needed Fashion Fix at FashionValet

Friendly & Approachable

FashionValet brings back the much-needed virtue of being friendly and approachable; traits that are lacking in even most e-commerce stores these days. As a matter of fact, FashionValet is known to be active that visitors and customers are able to get their queries answered by FashionValet as soon as possible. Instead of corporate template answer that you expect from most established stores, FashionValet usually offers a more direct and friendly communication. This is one of the reasons people feel connected and loyal to FashionValet.

Curated Lifestyle

FashionValet observes that today's consumers pay more attention to values and lifestyles of a brand instead of just products. Once the brands get their marketing and branding right, they can grow their customer base very quickly. People prefer to buy from brands that they feel the shared values as they want to be a part of a like-minded community. This is where FashionValet comes in connect customers with their favorite brands and products. At the same time, FashionValet also encourages local designers to reach out to the masses with its platform. FashionValet serves as the true curator of lifestyle that brings the latest and most relevant fashion style to your attention.

Enjoy Your FashionValet Singapore Coupons

Whether it is offering styling tips or answering your fashion curiosity, FashionValet wants to create a lifestyle of convenience by simplifying your shopping experience. Its What's New page never fails to excite as it updates its selection of trendy items daily. If you want your fashion fix, FashionValet is the go-to place to enjoy the hottest names in Asia. FashionValet Singapore coupons will help to add more value to your already awesome shopping experience.

  1. First, you can browse through FashionValet Singapore coupons here to decide which coupon you prefer.
  2. At the same time, you should read about their short descriptions to know how they work.
  3. When you are happy with your choice, you can click on it to know more.
  4. From there, you will find a coupon code that comes along with it.
  5. You should copy the code before going to the main website of FashionValet via underlined link below.

Grab Your Exclusive FashionValet Singapore

Once you have arrived at the main website of FashionValet, you will be spoilt for choices because FashionValet is always active when it comes to introducing the newest and hottest fashion designs in town. In addition, there are also lots of promotions that can help you to make the best buy.

  1. As you browsing through its categories, feel free to check out the fashion styles you are interested.
  2. When you find a product that catches your eye, you can always click on it to have a closer look and read more about its description.
  3. At the product page, you should check its availability of sizes so that you can get the right fit.
  4. If you are interested to purchase the product, click 'Add to Cart' to include it in your order.
  5. Immediately, you will be shown with your shopping cart that gives you the summary of your order.
  6. You can click Continue Shopping if you have other products to add. Otherwise, you can choose to Proceed to Checkout if you want to place the order.
  7. Before going to checkout, please remember to paste your coupon code in the relevant discount code subsection.


  1. You will be asked to log in with Google, Facebook or your registered account. In addition, you can choose to register a new account.
  2. Next, you should fill in your billing information, shipping information, shipping method, and your payment information.
  3. During your payment information, you can choose your preferred payment method.
  4. After that, you can enter your payment details and go through the transaction.
  5. Once you have completed the transaction, you will receive a notification that your order has been confirmed.
  6. Congratulations!

Contact Information

If you have any queries regarding your order or other important issues, feel free to talk to one of friendly people at FashionValet. You can always reach them via:

Customer Service : 1 300 88 6060
International : +603 6151 6060

8am-4pm (Malaysian Time) Monday - Friday

Email : info@fashionvalet.com