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Enjoy maximum savings on your Grab rides when you redeem exclusive Grab vouchers to get the best discounts. Go from point A to point B instantly when you book your Grab rides via the Grab mobile app at discounted prices with Grab promo codes. That’s not all, you can also indulge in many other services brought to you by Grab such as GrabFood, GrabPay, GrabMart, Grab Express and many more. Enjoy a whole new world of instant hassle-free delivery services island wide while snatching exclusive Grab promo codes to get the most discounts now!

Founded in 2012 as a solution to ride hailing problems in Malaysia. Grab (previously known as myTeksi. Anthony Tan, one of the co-founders, birthed the idea when he was studying at Harvard Business School. He aimed to make taxi rides safer and more transparent. By 2014, Grab had moved its headquarters to Singapore, denoting the start of their plans to enter the Southeast Asian market. Today, Grab services are available in 8 countries and more than 350 cities!

Regular Promotions

Want to get even more savings? Get all the best discounts when you redeem exclusive Grab promo codes. Apart from daily deals, enjoy special discounts during your favourite festive seasons and even during the infamous year-end sales that begin in September through December. Stay tuned to get all the latest deals and discounts sourced specially for you. Enjoy only the best deals when you book with Grab vouchers!

Grab Bank Promotions

Take even more discounts when you redeem exclusive Grab bank promo codes. That’s right, pay for Grab services of your choice while grabbing phenomenal deals and discounts when you redeem Grab bank promos. Be sure to keep a look out on TodayOnline vouchers page to get all the latest info on on-going and upcoming Grab bank promotions to get the best deals.

How To Redeem Book A Ride?

Want to know how to use the Grab vouchers that you have? We have compiled a simple step-by-step guide below to help you book your Grab rides while enjoying amazing discounts with Grab discount codes.

  1. Download the Grab mobile app on your phone and create an account.
  2. Once you have registered, choose the Grab service you would like. For e-hailing rides, select Transport.
  3. Enter your pick-up and drop-off location. Be sure to double check the details of your location before making your booking.
  4. Insert any Grab promo code that you have obtained from
  5. Review your details and book your ride as easy as that.

Product Details

Grab offers a variety of services besides ride hailing. Among the various services provided by Grab are GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabMart and many more. Enjoy all your transportation, food delivery and digital payment services while grabbing the best deals with Grab promo codes. Browse through the Grab mobile app and indulge in an all-in-one transportation service.

Delivery Services

Do you have items that you would like delivered to someone, but you don’t have the time to do it? Fret not! Use Grab delivery services to delivery any parcels and packages anywhere in Singapore. Choose to get your items delivered instantly or schedule a delivery. You can also choose the type of vehicle you would like to use for your delivery. Send as many packages as you want without burning a hole in your pocket when you redeem exclusive Grab promo codes.


Long gone are the days when you had to call a taxi operating company to book a ride. Today, with just a few clicks, you can book a ride to anywhere you want in Singapore. Enjoy a whole new world of convenience when you book your taxi rides with Grab while enjoying some of the lowest prices per ride with Grab discount codes.


Dive into a world of seamless convenience by going cashless with GrabPay. Use GrabPay to pay for in-store purchase, Grab rides, GrabFood deliveries and even transfers funds. All you need to do it scan the store’s QR code to pay with your Grab Wallet. That’s not all, for every transaction that you make with GrabPay, you will receive GrabRewards points that you can use in the future to get amazing discounts with Grab promo codes.


Earn even more points when you pay with GrabPay. That’s right, for every $1 spent, you get 3 points credited to your GrabRewards account. Earn more GrabRewards to increase your membership tiers to get maximum points, benefits and privileges. Earn your way in points till you become a Grab Platinum member to get even more discounts with Grab promo codes. Use GrabReward points that you have collected to offset the mount for any Grab service you would like to use. Head over to Grab Singapore to get a full list of redemptions you can make with GrabRewards.

User Tips

Sign up for Grab Subscriptions to get a new plan every month on Food Deals and DealBook. Enjoy even more discounts by receiving exclusive Grab vouchers every month to give you the best deals and discounts. You can access your rewards plans by clicking on “My Rewards” on your Grab app.