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Find Home Away from Home with Ease on Homeaway Singapore

Homeaway Singapore

Looking for the perfect accommodation during your vacations can be quite a chore; top-rated lodgings are expensive while the budget-friendly ones are often not up to standards. Luckily, Homeaway Singapore can offer you the perfect home away from home that will always exceed your accommodation standards.

What Homeaway Singapore Offers

Homeaway Singapore provides the best of both worlds for all travelers looking for the perfect place to stay: five-star accommodation with three-star prices. On Homeaway, you can find listings of local places that you can rent during the duration of your trip. This includes a single room, a loft, a studio, or even whole units, houses, and villas to accommodate you and your all your travelling companions.

With these options, you can do a lot more things that are impossible to do in a hotel room. You can experience the local life and culture, use laundry facilities for free, and create home cooked meals right from your Homeaway lodging. Aside from that, through Homeaway, you can also be in direct contact with the owner (or host) of the place you’re renting. This way, any problems, requests, and any other additional necessities you might have can directly be communicated with the owners.

Top Destinations on Homeaway Singapore

To be able to cater to all kinds of travelers, Homeaway Singapore has listings within the country and everywhere else in the world. Some of the top destinations include beachy hotspots like Bali and Phuket, Southeast Asian capitals like Kuala Lumpur, Bankok, and Singapore itself, as well as must-go destinations for any travelers such as Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Of course, the destinations on Homeaway are not only in Southeast Asia and the surrounding regions. The platform also offers listings across Europe, North America, South America, and more.

Homeaway Singapore Mobile App

If you’re always on-the-go, you can download the Homeaway mobile app that you can get from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can easily browse the list of accommodation, set your date, book your travel accommodation, and complete your payments right from the mobile app. Essentially, you can do all the things you can do on the Homeaway site straight from your phone. Also, the Homeaway mobile app is not only limited to the Singaporean Homeaway listings but other global listings as well so no matter where in the world you are, you can always find a place to stay.

Booking with Homeaway Singapore

Booking and securing your travel accommodation is as easy as pie with Homeaway Singapore. Begin by using the search engine to explore the listings available in your travel destination. You can also use the search filters to further customize your listings. For instance, key in the specific area or district of your travel destination, your price range, and the type of accommodation you need for your travels so you can find the best lodging with ease.

Once you’ve found the most appealing accommodation from the search results, click on it and read the renting terms and conditions of the place. If it’s suitable for you and your travels, you can continue booking the lodging.

Homeaway Singapore accepts payments made with credit cards from Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, as well as PayPal. If you don’t have a credit card, you can complete your payment through PayPal using the “Pay with my debit or credit card” option.

Cancelling Your Homeaway Booking

Before you consider on cancelling your Homeaway booking, take note of the host’s cancellation policy. If the listing happens to have a strict cancellation policy, the money you spent to book the listing will not be refunded to you. If you’re certain that the host is flexible with cancellations, you can retract your booking from your Homeaway profile under the “trips” section.

Using Your Exclusive Homeaway Singapore Coupons

To help you save even more during your travels, there are coupons and offers for your Homeaway bookings that you can only get here. Here are the steps to redeem the exclusive Homeaway Singapore offers:

  1. Browse through the available offers and find the one that’s most suitable to your Homeaway booking.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the coupon or offer before redeeming it.
  3. When ready to redeem, click on the coupon and a coupon code will be presented to you.
  4. Copy the code and paste it into the designated box on the Homeaway checkout page.
  5. If your coupon is successfully applied, the total of your booking will be changed.
  6. Don’t see a coupon code? Don’t worry because this means the offer will be automatically applied during checkout.
  7. Complete your booking process, finish your payment, wait for your confirmation email, and enjoy your home away from home with Homeaway.