Save Big on Your Next Travel with KKday Singapore Coupons and Vouchers!

If you love traveling and seeing new places, KKday Singapore will help you accomplish it. KKday knows that traveling improves people’s work-life balance, so they provide great promotions and discounts in some of their offers. In a few clicks, you will be able to redeem a KKday coupon, providing you better value for your money.

Why Choose KKday Singapore?

Whenever we travel, we oftentimes figure out which travel medium to use. With KKday Singapore, they provide great value and convenient solutions for your travels. Here are some reasons why KKday is a popular travel platform for many Singaporeans.

Makes Travelling Easier

KKday Singapore is like an online shopping platform that makes everything easier. It’s a travel platform with multiple languages, allowing people of different nationalities and language backgrounds to take advantage of the deals and coupons available on their site. KKday Singapore also allows you get in touch with your local provider via KKday Contact feature. With that, you will get the necessary info instantly. Aside from that, KKday Singapore lets you customize your travels based on your preferences. Simply key in the destination, activity, or interest you want on the search tab and you will find great deals!

Offers a Wide Array of Travel Destinations

Travel destinations are determined depending on the country you choose to travel. With KKday Singapore, you can travel to over 170 cities across 53 different countries. If you go to Taiwan, you can find local attractions and destinations by using the KKday Taiwan app. The same goes for visiting other countries like Australia, Hong Kong, and South Korea, where you need the app to experience local activities and tours.

Secure Accommodations and Bookings

Travelling can sometimes be challenging especially when going to places with a different cultural background and language since it’s tough to find secure accommodations and bookings. With KKday Singapore, there’s nothing to worry about! With SSL technology, they offer safe solutions for your travels by keeping your personal information online private and secure. Aside from that, KKday Singapore uses PayPal as the main option for payment, since it allows them to track payments and cash-flow safely.

How to Redeem Discounts and Promotions from KKday Singapore

KKday is a popular travel companion for many Singaporeans who want to go to different countries around the world. Not only do they offer excellent service but also provide exclusive KKday coupons and vouchers to save big on your travels. Before choosing a KKday coupon, it is important that you should know all the necessary steps in order to redeem the discount.

  1. Visit our KKday coupon page here and browse through the latest offers and coupons.
  2. If your preferred KK day coupon comes with a code, copy it for later use.
  3. Then go to KKday Singapore website and search for the hotel and travel arrangements you want. Take note of the prices, additional facilities, and other essential details such as transportation and dates of redemption for the travel and hotel stay.
  4. Enter or paste the KKday promo code you copied earlier in the discount box before confirming your booking.
  5. After confirming the booking, you should receive an email confirmation letter. If you haven’t received one, click Contact Us and leave a message with your email address on KKday customer service team. They will help you as much as they can.
  6. Lastly, make sure to always print out your itinerary and hotel booking confirmation before heading to the airport. This serves as a backup in case of emergencies.

Kkday Points

Earn points every time you purchase on Kkday website,mobile website, or mobile app.After deducting coupons and discounts from the total order amount, you’ll earn 1 point for every USD $1 you spend. Other currencies will be calculated based on the USD exchange rate. You can then use your points to redeem exclusive gifts,special tours & activities and limited offers.

Kkday Student Discount

Being a student means you're blessed with plenty of time during semester breaks that you can use to travel the world. Unfortunately, being a student also means that you're not blessed with significant amount of allowance most of the time. However these days, there are many student discounts on just about everything you can think of; from dining to shopping and theme park tickets. Kkday is now also offering a student discount on their platform. Simply register with Student Beans here to verify your student status and get 12% off your order.

Customer Service

If you have any issues or queries, you can find quick answers in the FAQ section of KKday Singapore website. You can also get in touch with their Customer Service Center by filling out an email form on the site.