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Founded in 2012 through the name of Giosis, the company is a result of a joint-venture formed with eBay. Considering eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, it is a hefty attribute to start off Qoo10. With this collaboration, it slowly became Asia’s leading online marketplace and this advantage allows them to continuously increase the proportion of sales and attract thousands of new customers every day all over the world. There are three different values behind the brand. The “Q” stands for “Quest”, “oo” stands for “Search”, “10” stands for “Perfection and Completeness”. On top of these values, the “Q” also stands for the promises delivered which are dedicated to every of their customers. For fun and value, it is “Quest”, seamless shopping services is “Quick” while finally ensuring “Quality” in their services. Qoo10 Singapore is a combination of traditional and modern technologies by presenting a catalogue of products such as children's goods, cosmetics and hygiene, household cleaning products, home appliances, electronics, clothing and many more.

Why you should shop with Qoo10 Singapore

Seamless shopping experience

Customers can simply navigate through the website while easily search for products. On top of that. Qoo10 Singapore has a huge catalogue of products which can be ordered from your device. Also, customers may consult on any matters relating to the shop with their hotline. The online store provides the best solution for those who do not have the time to shop at home. On top of that, the online store offers customers the best prices on the products.

Vast array of products

Qoo10 Singapore offers customers a catalogue of products that you would not find in any regular shopping mall. Often times, you will find interesting offers, which will be useful primarily for those seeking unusual products whether it is home kitchen appliances or clothing. Manufacturers of these products have proven to provide quality products, corresponding to world standards and requirements. Qoo10 online shop guarantees its customers the highest quality of products sold. Thanks to the work of an established company with an exceptionally reliable and well-known manufacturer as well as strict quality control of products. Customers can be assured that all purchased food will be fresh and non-food products of high quality. Today Qoo10 is Singapore’s largest online store where you can buy items. Regularly held shares and sales - all this can be called the characteristic features of the competition.

How to utilise your Qoo10 Singapore coupons from Today Online

1. Browse through the list of coupons available on the site. Select the one that will be useful for your purchase.
2. Once you have selected the coupon you wish to use, you can click on ‘Get this Deal’ button. The coupon will either generate a coupon code or simply bring you to the website.
3. After proceeding to the homepage of Qoo10, you can continue to look for the item that caught your attention. Click on the item which will bring you to the designated page.
4. As you read through the details of your purchase on the right-hand side of the page, you will notice that you are given the options of choosing where to ship the item, shipping rate, item quantity, and either to add to your online cart to confirm your purchase or to your wish list. Unless you click to add an item to be put in your wish list, confirming your purchase will take you to the confirmation page where you can choose the method of payment and to fully confirm your purchase.
5. If you have a coupon code, simply key it in the relevant subsection and you will instantly see a discounted price on your purchase.
6. Similar to any other online purchases, Qoo10 offers a warranty depending on the item purchased of which you can return an item that you deem unfit or that you are unsatisfied with.
7. What needs to be done next is to wait for your purchase to be delivered to your doorstep.

Return and Refund

Items purchased can be return or exchange within 7 days of the item being delivered. For defected, shortage of item or wrong item, you can go to the shopping list, cancel or refund and click the cart number. Under the apply & remark, simply apply for return or exchange. Another method of doing so is to inquire directly to the Qoo10 customer centre. Customers are required to provide a picture of received items and parcel package as a sign of proof.